This editor has been known to state that pink is not her favorite color, however, when it comes to this Wednesday’s “Look-of-the-Day,” it is hard to deny that any woman who has ever watched The Sound of Music has wanted to dance in this iconic dress.  We’re talking about Liesl Von Trapp’s soft, powder pink chiffon frock she frolics around in with her secret boyfriend, Rolf, while singing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” underneath the romantic gazebo lamps during a rainstorm.  This pink dress holds a very dear place in this editor’s heart, because this is the first onscreen dress that sparked an interest in fashion, and eventually, this blog.  At four-years-old, my mother sat me down to watch one of the greatest musicals of all time, and since then I have always wanted to add this beautiful piece to my closet.  (Note: All of the Disney princesses’ gowns don’t count because they had no real dimensions, since they’re cartoons!)  But watching Liesl run down those stairs and fly over benches will be forever embedded in my memory!  Three-time Oscar winning costume designer Dorothy Jeakins, outfitted the 1965 Best Picture winner and has an impressive resume.  She won her first Academy Award for her initial job on Joan of Arc in 1948, and went on to work on South Pacific, True Grit (the original), The Way We Were, and The Music Man.  Even though Jeakins was nominated for The Sound of Music, she did not win, but Dorothy’s work from The Sound of Music will always stand out as the best of her best.  (To me anyway!)


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