Hugo Is Boss

Costume designer Sandy Powell celebrated her 10th Academy Award nomination with Hugo.  The Brit has done some extraordinary work on several period films, including The Other Boleyn Girl, The Aviator, The Young Victoria and Shakespeare in Love, and is already in possession of three Oscar statuettes!  Our editors have not seen Hugo yet, but it’s sets and stills look as mysterious and whimsical as the plot, including Emily Mortimer (pictured, top) as a lovely street florist, and Jude Law with his onscreen son (pictured, left).  It doesn’t look like many of the characters have many costume changes, so we’re assuming the film takes place over a day or two.  Hugo takes place during the early 1930s in Paris and stars child actors Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz (pictured, below left and bottom).  Butterfield plays Hugo Cabret, who lives in a train station and tries to escape Inspector Gustave (played by Sacha Baron Cohen, pictured, below right).  Powell certainly had nice things to say about her competition this year; she told Stylelist, “Arianne [Phillips] I’ve always liked. I think, her work on ‘W.E.’ is just incredible, it’s beautiful.  The thing is, actually, we all really like each other.  Michael O’Connor had really beautiful, understated costumes for ‘Jane Eyre’ that were absolutely perfect for the theme. ‘Anonymous’ — Lisy Christl is a German designer, who did all those hundreds of Elizabethan costumes for Shakespeare.  I mean really, they’re all extraordinary.  They are all worthy of that prize.”  With such lovely things to say about her “rivals,” it’s obvious why Powell has had a successful and sustaining career in Hollywood.  Best of luck Sandy!


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