This is the perfect outfit to feature for a February 29th that falls on “Pink Wednesday” – an outfit from the movie Leap Year!  Normally, we save this film’s stylish looks for “Irish Week” prior to St. Patrick’s Day, but we have to celebrate a day that only comes around once every four years!  In this film, Amy Adams plays an uptight American named Anna Brady who attempts to travel to the Emerald Isle so she can get engaged on Leap Day – the one day it’s okay for a woman to propose to a man in Ireland.  Of course, a different Irish law comes into effect (one by the name of Murphy’s) and nothing goes as planned.  Here, she’s getting particularly irritated in a lovely outfit, probably not meant for the back roads of the Irish countryside.  Anna is sporting a floral blouse, a dark salmon pink cardigan adorned with flower buttons, and a high-waisted gray pencil skirt, all from Paul Smith.  She accessorizes the look with tan Christian Louboutin pumps, Louis Vuitton luggage, and a Burberry trench coat with a green and white floral lining she wears throughout the whole film.  Leap Day might throw Anna Brady’s love life out of whack, but at least it keeps her fashion choices and the calendar in sync!


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