Girl Scout Power

[A uniform] gives a certain prestige in the community. When a girl is seen in uniform, people recognize her as a girl who is courteous and obliging… The uniform puts every girl on the same footing…[and] makes a useful dress for her to work and play in at the meetings.”Reads the Girl Scout Leader’s Manual, circa 1917.  Today, the Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary, and despite some recent criticism from wackos like Rep. Bob Harris, the Girl Scouts remain a great jumping off point for young girls.  (Fun Fact: 69% of female US senators, 67% of House Representatives, and 80% of female business-owners were in the Girl Scouts!)  What people generally associate with the nonprofit is delicious cookies, and the color green!  It’s serendipitous that the Girl Scouts’ centennial falls during “Irish Week,” a country whose national color is also GREEN!  The Girl Scouts were founded by Savannah-native Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low (whose portrait is pictured, left).  Following her husband’s death, she moved back from London to her hometown in Georgia.  She had met Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, while living in England, and decided to create a similar organization for young girls, when she returned to the states.  Eventually, the Girl Scouts blossomed into a huge American youth organization, with over 50 million alumnae.  Their uniform color was originally navy blue, then changed to khaki, and finally became the official green color they are today.  The Girl Scouts’ official webpage has an adorable exhibit on the uniforms used during the last 100 years.  (Our favorite has to be the 1934 Mariner uniform for girls interested in the sea and sailing!  Why didn’t they have that when we were little?!)  Some notable former Girl Scouts include Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Katie Couric (pictured in uniform, right), Mary Tyler Moore, Sandra Day O’Connor, Tipper Gore, Lucille Ball, Janet Reno, Barbara Walters, and Gloria Steinem, among many others.  Even international supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter, Leni, is a Brownie (pictured, below center)!  Sporting green has certainly produced some powerful women, so here’s to another hundred!  Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!


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