“You’re not in America now, you’re in Ireland.  So have a drink and shut up,” Declan, played by Matthew Goode, tells Amy Adams’ character, Anna, in the 2010 film Leap Year.  The two play complete opposites who end up roaming the Irish countryside together so that Anna can propose to her boyfriend in Dublin on February 29th – the one day when it’s okay for a woman to ask a man to marry him in Ireland.  Inevitably, Anna ends up falling for her tour guide instead.  They end up making one sexy Irish couple, which is why we’ve chosen them for today’s “Tuesday Twosome.”  Here, Adams is wearing a Burberry trench coat with a green and white floral lining, tan Christian Louboutin pumps, and a mint green stitched top by Day Birger et Mikkelsen.  The soft color combination against Adams’ red hair and bright blue eyes creates one lovely outfit.  Her partner-in-crime, with a pretty gorgeous pair of blue eyes himself, Matthew Goode is sexy in brown pants, working class boots, a maroon-colored shirt and a dark peacoat from All Saints Spitalfields.  Matthew Goode actually thought Leap Year ended up being one of the worst films made in 2010, but he took the role so he could fly home to London on weekends!  Oh, well, we liked it!


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