In the 1995 film Circle of Friends, three childhood friends attend University College in Dublin during the 1950s.  Along the lengthy and bumpy road, the three girls manage to get their hearts broken, not just by the men they fall in love with, but also by each other.  During their happier times together, they attend a dance in the beginning of their first semester, pictured here.  Saffron Burrows plays Nan Mahon, the leader of the group.  Although she’s not older, she certainly acts and dresses the part to impress… older men.  Seen here, Nan looks divine in a charm pink, halter dress, with ruby lips, and her bright, beautiful auburn locks up in a french twist.  (Fun fact: Charm Pink is a medium roseish tone that was first coined in 1948.)  This same night that Nan wows everyone in her beautiful frock, is also where she gains the attention of an older man by the name of Simon Westward, played by a young Colin Firth, and later gets herself into a heap of trouble.  This charming, funny, smart, heartbreaking film is worth watching any day of the year, but it makes for a perfect “Pink Wednesday” addition to our “Irish week.”  Circle of Friends has a star-studded cast including Minnie Driver, Chris O’Donnell, and Alan Cumming, so be sure to pick it up this season if you haven’t already seen it!


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