Maureen O’Hara is probably the most notable actress from the Emerald Isle, but she happens to be one of our favorite girls, too!  (Probably because of that fiery Irish independence and temper that seems to come through in all of her characters!)  Here she is in her most famous role as Mary Kate Danaher in the 1952 film The Quiet Man.  O’Hara plays an Irish girl who gets married off to an American boxer (played by John Wayne), much to her dismay.  Here, Mary Kate is sporting a cream-colored tweed jacket, a navy blue dress, and a greenish-grey tam o’shanter that perfectly complements her enigmatic eyes and gorgeous red locks.  Obviously, the two still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye in this particular scene (pictured, below), but they eventually realize they’re made for each other!  Fun Fact: Our parents used to leave out our VHS version of The Quiet Man when we were little girls, to make it look as though leprechauns had watched it while we were sleeping the night before March 17th!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and Erin Go Bragh!


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