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We here at TheSkinnyStiletto are dedicated to style, looking to share clothing tips, secrets and looks – how original for a fashion blog!  But we want to have frank discussions about trends, the classics, but mainly – looking good.  Because, honestly, in the end – Budweiser said it best: “Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.”

1. Audrey Hepburn.  Her name is synonymous with style, plain and simple.  Courtney was born on her birthday (May 4th).  Caitlin was nearly named Sabrina (for her 1954 film). We’re both deluded about being connected to her.

2. Long Island.  Where we grew up, and why we love nautical clothing.  One of us doesn’t own a single summer outfit that’s outside navy, white, black, red, beige or khaki.

3. Victoria Beckham. She’s Posh Spice!  And our favorite living style icon.

4. Military Uniforms. We’re the daughters of a Marine, Courtney’s husband is an Army captain.  We learned the importance of having a tailor at a young age.  Aviators, trench-coats, pea-coats, ’nuff said.

5. Alice in Wonderland. Caitlin’s birthday is Valentine’s Day.  She has had a soft spot for the Queen of Hearts since childhood.

6. Preps.  The riding boots and blazers of horse girls; accordion skirts and tennis bracelets of racquet enthusiasts; polo shirts and deck shoes of sailors – we don’t participate in any of these classic preppy sports, but we certainly like dressing like we do.

7. Jackie Kennedy. The best-dressed American woman to ever live.  Caitlin is a political consultant, and she’s been obsessed with the Kennedy family since elementary school.  Style + politics = Dream Combo

8. British. Hello, Victoria Beckham!  The Spice Girls, Burberry, tweed jackets, Keira Knightley, proper hats, punk rock, Emily Blunt, and now Kate Middleton!  God Save the Queen!

9. Coco Chanel. Yes, every style maven loves her and her label.  But what most people don’t realize is that she single-handedly changed the face of women’s fashion in the 20th Century.  Chanel is also our favorite fashion brand.

10. Victoria’s Secret.  We’re always perplexed when women poo-poo lingerie.  We don’t own a single undergarment that isn’t from the famous chain.  Lace, satin, silk, balconet bras, garter belts, fishnets – when your first layer of clothing feels sexy, you feel sexy.  Since the company’s expansion into other products, now a majority of our make-up, perfume, shampoo, clothing, accessories  (and even Caitlin’s laundry detergent) comes from this famous chain.

11. Skiing.  One of us has been skiing four times.  The other has never been.  Yet, we both have an unusual abundance of après-ski boots, cozy sweaters, and fur collars.

12. The French.  Chanel, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot.  French women are bombshells, but they also have a very specific brand of dress and beauty that we greatly admire.

13. Gossip Girl. Blair and Serena are easily the best-dressed TV characters of all time.  Caitlin fell in love with them by reading Cecily von Ziegesar’s novels in high school.  Their segue to the small screen is no different for her.

14. The Wealthy.  We’re not talking about the drooping, Botox-ed faces of Real Housewives – we’re talking about REAL money.  The old money of the Gold Coast of LI, the Upper East Side, East Hampton.  Most of these women have inherited style, since they’ve always been able to afford fancy items and famous designers, especially since they live in the hub of fashion (New York).

15. Italians. We’re half-Italian.  Caitlin lived in Florence for a year.  Courtney’s been there three times.  We think Mediterranean women are the most stunning creatures on the planet, and Italians are the best-dressed citizens of the world.  You get the picture.

16. Ballerinas.  Courtney is a dancer.  Caitlin attempted to be one, but isn’t.  But they both LOVE the way ballerinas dress though.  The classic color combination of soft pink, black, gray and white always looks sleek and feminine.  Tutus, silk skirts and ballet slippers are just beautiful and easy to absorb into everyday clothing.

17. Irish. We’re also Irish, which is why we have a soft spot for green, plaid and fair isle sweaters.

18. 1940s Flair. Pin curls, spats, halters, high waistlines, and burlesque make-up… YES PLEASE!  This is one era that remains on a pedestal to us: besides the clothes, Americans were proud of their country, respected their soldiers, women were getting to work and out of the kitchen!  Due to the Depression and WWII, fashion became very down-played because of the necessity to “use everything.”  This “less is more” concept still appeals to us.

19. Barbie.  We don’t know why this blonde babe gets ripped on all the time, but to us, she’s the ultimate feminist: she has her own dream house, corvette, she’s served in all the branches of the military, competed in the Olympics, ran for president – and for the real fem-Nazis, Barbie even refused to settle down with Ken.  This was where our love of high heels started – because Barbie’s high arches disallow her from wearing any other kind of footwear.  Although, we also inherited Barbie clothes from the 60s, so our dolls were wearing vintage.

20. Egyptians/Greco-Romans: Black eyeliner, snake jewelry, rope-detailing, and white flowing gowns?  Yes, please.  We don’t know if it’s because our blood can be traced to the Mediterranean, but we rock BC-era style on a daily basis.

21. Each other. We are nearly total opposites (besides movie taste), but manage to agree on fashion ~98% of the time.  Even though Courtney dons more hippie/daring looks, and Caitlin sticks to the classics, we are constantly inspired by one another’s unique sense of style.

22. Stilettos.  Caitlin and Courtney have been wearing heels since the 5th grade.  They’re inspiring, because it’s hard to dress ugly with a rocking pair of stilettos… which is why our blog is named after our favorite kind of shoe.


11 responses to “About Us

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    • The Skinny Stiletto

      Thank you Melissa! I’ve been checking out your site over the past few days, and I’ve fallen in love with it! I always joked as a little kid I could have an electronic version of my closet on the computer (just like Cher in the movie “Clueless”) and now I do! It’s such a clever idea. It’s fantastic to see all of your clothes in front of you, so you can get an idea of what you can put together. Great job!

  • Louboutin online

    That\’s fantastic. I like way you present it

  • Andrea Leigh

    Absolutely love this blog! I’m an International Affairs major currently and love when politics meets fashion! Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to come back and read more! 🙂 I have a similar blog involving fashion and my passions!

  • Shahi Hafez

    I’m Egyptian! Love the mention. I’m from Alexandria, a full-blooded Mediterranean.

    • The Skinny Stiletto

      You are?!?! That’s awesome! I (Caitlin) actually studied abroad in Egypt in 2007 when I was in college and LOVED it! Alexandria was my absolute favorite city there!!!! It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I only got to spend two days there, but I liked it so much, I wished my program was based out of there. Your country has the distinct recognition of having well-dressed people and strong-willed women for several thousand years! Go Egypt!

  • Shahi Hafez

    Did you go to AUC?? I went there for two years (2006-2008). I live in Louisiana now, though. But I’m visiting family in Alexandria at the moment.

    • The Skinny Stiletto

      No, I actually went to James Madison University in Virginia and minored in Middle Eastern studies. It was the first time they did a study abroad program in Egypt, so it was a really small group. That’s awesome! Did you grow up there?

  • Sarah @ Shades of Sarah

    This was an adorable about page! I’ll definitely be reading 🙂

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