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Little Black List: Suri’s Top 10

“Suri” means pickpocket in Japanese, which makes sense, because we’d love to steal her style!  Miss Cruise turned 6 today, and we’re counting down her Top 10 Looks – which, despite only being alive for a few years, was pretty hard to narrow down.  No wonder she has her own blog

1. Black & White & Cute All Over: This editor’s two favorite shades on a girl with her favorite coloring (brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin).  This silk dress was made for her by Holmes & Yang (her mother’s design label).  Suri looks like a china-doll with edge.2. Burberry Baby: This is probably Suri’s most famous outfit.  She wore this classic Burberry plaid dress and bob haircut in 2007 that made her a style phenomenon.  All of a sudden, toddlers everywhere were sporting this adorable ‘do.3. Lady in Red: Suri sported a similar dress to the NYC Ballet, but this one is by Helena & Harry.  She paired it was a great pair of silver Bonpoint ballet flats and pigtails!4. Anchors Away: We featured this look last spring.  This black and white Ralph Lauren nautical dress is perfect for the summer!  We wish it came in our size!5. Bold Navy: There’s two things Suri seems to love – a great fashion moment, and a good cupcake.  Here, she has both!












6. Oh, Canada: Here is an older Suri last year in Vancouver, sporting an adorable Burberry princess coat.  She had on sneakers and a dress from H&M, too – the horror!

7. Disney Princess: All little girls play dress-up, but some get to do it for magazines.  Here, Suri sports a Cinderella gown at the famous theme park in Florida. 8. 1980s Chic: The true mark of a trendsetter is pulling off something that wouldn’t normally look good – Suri does it all the time.  Our editors hate both Juicy Couture and leggings, but here, Suri is pulling off both.  College cardigan by Juicy, flats by Manolo Blahnik, leggings by American Apparel, and princess umbrella by Disney.

9. Boots Made for Walking: Our editors also happen to hate rain boots (mainly because they’re meant for children under 10, but college girls seem to think that’s their age group…), but Suri makes them look good, once again!  Dress by mother’s label Holmes & Yang, accessories by Kidorable.

10. Tiny Dancer: Here, Suri is sporting the classic ballet look: soft pink tights, leotard, and ballet slippers.  She even stays in character by having her hair French-braided.  Love. ❤



The 84th Academy Awards will take place this Sunday, and in honor of the ceremony, we’re showing some of our favorite costumes from Oscar-nominated films.  This “Tuesday Twosome” is the star-crossed couple from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett play Benjamin and Daisy, who fall in love at opposite ends of the age spectrum, and end up “meeting in the middle.”  Here, Daisy has just finished teaching a dance class, and Benjamin comes to see her in khakis, a white t-shirt, and one delicious charcoal sweater.  (But, let’s be serious – that man looks sexy in anything.)  Daisy is wearing a de rigueur dance uniform – a black leotard and wrap skirt, soft pink ballet slippers and a matching shrug.  Costume designer Jacqueline West told the LA Times, “One of the first things I tried on Cate were the ballet clothes, and she put those clothes on and become a ballerina.  She had studied dance and she would just change her whole posture, even her feet would go out, like dancers’, and her back was straight and she’d tuck her heinie in and she would just become a dancer.  You don’t get that with every actress.”  The elegant Blanchett certainly looks at home as a ballet teacher in black and pink, and even though their outfits are quite simple here, Benjamin and Daisy’s love story is anything but…


Before theSkinnyStiletto starts its “12 Days of Christmas Countdown” of our favorite looks from holiday movies, this mother-daughter duo seemed perfect for a December “Tuesday Twosome!”  The two cuties pictured are, of course, Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise at a 2008 attendance of the Nutcracker.  Suri has on one darling little Christmas outfit – a red satin dress with matching ballet flats, and a mini winter white princess coat by Best & Co. (with tights and a baby blanket to match!)  Her dress is called the “Duchess Dress” by Ralph Lauren Baby.  Katie is laid-back chic in an belted oversized cardigan, wide-leg trousers, a white cable-knit cap and a glossy pair of red stiletto pumps (that coordinate with Suri’s!)  We have to admit, one of our favorite blogs is the fictional account of Miss Cruise’s life, called Suri’s Burn Book.  Looking at her adorable little mug when she’s all dolled up is just so much fun!

Designing a Black Swan

This editor watched Black Swan for the first time last night, and was just overwhelmed with how beautiful the costumes were.  During Oscar Season, we described how this film was robbed of a Best Costume Nomination, and finally seeing the picture on the big screen, we’re even more certain.  Here’s a video from the New York Times interviewing sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the team behind fashion label Rodarte, the primary costumer of the film.

Westcott is this Year’s “Black Swan”

This isn’t Bjork’s swan.  Amy Westcott did an absolutely gorgeous job outfitting Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as beautiful ballerinas in Black Swan.  (This week theSkinnyStiletto will be featuring the 2010 Oscar nominees for Costume Design.  Westcott wasn’t nominated, but we think she should have been…) Our editors admitted they all have a secret love for the combination of black, white, gray and soft pink – the hues most commonly seen in a ballet studio.  Westcott did a stunning job, considering she really only used four colors throughout the film.  She utilizes white and pink to demonstrate purity and childlike innocence ballet is typically associated with.  Westcott uses black to represent the dark side to performance dance – and Nina Sayer’s mind.  While the sequined tutus created for the black and white swans made the little girls inside of us want to throw on an old pair of ballet slippers, even the casual outfits throughout the movie made us as jealous as Nina!  (Just kidding).  Portman got to wear a beautiful ballerina pink pea coat, a Dior chiffon white gown that displays her svelte figure, and even the dance outfits for practice she wore were truly divine. Our editors agreed it was the first time any of them had found feathers to be such an exciting accessory!  Westcott worked with Jack Brown and used pieces from Rodarte‘s Fall 2010 collection to create one visually stunning and terrifying film.  Considering few can do that through the medium of clothing, theSkinnyStiletto deems Ms. Westcott the “black swan” of this year’s Academy Awards.