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Little Black List: Suri’s Top 10

“Suri” means pickpocket in Japanese, which makes sense, because we’d love to steal her style!  Miss Cruise turned 6 today, and we’re counting down her Top 10 Looks – which, despite only being alive for a few years, was pretty hard to narrow down.  No wonder she has her own blog

1. Black & White & Cute All Over: This editor’s two favorite shades on a girl with her favorite coloring (brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin).  This silk dress was made for her by Holmes & Yang (her mother’s design label).  Suri looks like a china-doll with edge.2. Burberry Baby: This is probably Suri’s most famous outfit.  She wore this classic Burberry plaid dress and bob haircut in 2007 that made her a style phenomenon.  All of a sudden, toddlers everywhere were sporting this adorable ‘do.3. Lady in Red: Suri sported a similar dress to the NYC Ballet, but this one is by Helena & Harry.  She paired it was a great pair of silver Bonpoint ballet flats and pigtails!4. Anchors Away: We featured this look last spring.  This black and white Ralph Lauren nautical dress is perfect for the summer!  We wish it came in our size!5. Bold Navy: There’s two things Suri seems to love – a great fashion moment, and a good cupcake.  Here, she has both!












6. Oh, Canada: Here is an older Suri last year in Vancouver, sporting an adorable Burberry princess coat.  She had on sneakers and a dress from H&M, too – the horror!

7. Disney Princess: All little girls play dress-up, but some get to do it for magazines.  Here, Suri sports a Cinderella gown at the famous theme park in Florida. 8. 1980s Chic: The true mark of a trendsetter is pulling off something that wouldn’t normally look good – Suri does it all the time.  Our editors hate both Juicy Couture and leggings, but here, Suri is pulling off both.  College cardigan by Juicy, flats by Manolo Blahnik, leggings by American Apparel, and princess umbrella by Disney.

9. Boots Made for Walking: Our editors also happen to hate rain boots (mainly because they’re meant for children under 10, but college girls seem to think that’s their age group…), but Suri makes them look good, once again!  Dress by mother’s label Holmes & Yang, accessories by Kidorable.

10. Tiny Dancer: Here, Suri is sporting the classic ballet look: soft pink tights, leotard, and ballet slippers.  She even stays in character by having her hair French-braided.  Love. ❤



Today is one of our favorite style mavens’ 27th birthday – Miss Keira Knightley!  Late last night, this editor caught Atonement on the USA network (which I found kind of odd), but was completely enthralled by Keira and James McAvoy’s performances.  I was completely shocked and impressed that Miss Knightley was only 22-years-old in that film!  Pretty spectacular.  Here, is the mature-looking actress at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival at only 20 years of age!  (We swear, this stunner perpetually looks like a worldly woman in her late 20s – we couldn’t believe this photo is from 7 years ago!  Keira never ages!)  The pretty girl is sporting a Roland Mouret Fall 2005 Galaxy dress, a Yves St. Laurent velvet belt and a pair of Jimmy Choo slingbacks.  This look is so timeless, it could be worn in the 1940s, 60s or today, without anyone batting an eye.  Happy Birthday Keira!

Wednesday’s Shoe

Today the former teen queen of MTV’s Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad, turns 26, and with two television shows, a couple of books and a clothing line at Kohl’s already under her belt, she – well… she just makes the rest of us feel like a bunch of losers!  Hehe.  But we thought since she’s now producing discount clothing, we’d take a look and see if any of her shoes were worth featuring.  These black platform pumps are available on the Kohl’s website for $59.99 (which is definitely more than we would spend on shoes made of only man-made materials), but the customer reviews on the site were very positive.  Most of the women said the shoe was very comfortable, and 87% of them would recommend it to a friend.  The material might be as fake as The Hills, but in reality, they’re apparently awesome!


The queen of American television (a little-known woman by the name of Oprah) turned 58 today, and in her honor we’ve named her sparkly dress at the 2005 Academy Awards the Look-of-the-Day.  Designed by Vera Wang, this layered, glittering gown looked spectacular on TV’s golden girl.  The dress was made of tulle and embroidered in metallic thread.  On her website, Winfrey stated it was her favorite gown Wang has ever created for her – “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute!”


This may seem like an odd look to start off the New Year with, but today would have been the 100th birthday of author Charles Addams.  Above is his creation, Morticia, come to life as Anjelica Huston in the 1991 film version of The Addams Family.  This twisted comedy is both hilarious and gothic – an odd combination, which makes it unique.  One of this editor’s oldest friends watched this movie everyday for a year when we were younger, so it always reminds me of her – we loved Morticia’s daughter, Wednesday.  The fantastic Ruth Myers was the costume designer of this movie, who made Huston look extremely glamorous and sexy, while being completely covered in head-to-toe black!  The above dress is corseted in beautiful beading and dark lace, with a tight skirt that gathers on the floor, giving Huston an almost spidery look when she walks.  Myers was nominated for an Academy Award for her creative contribution to the film.  Huston looks like she’s about to cast a spell with her lovely long red nails, and she must have cast one over us, because it’s still one of our favorite film wardrobes 20 years later!

Words on Fashion

I have no dress except the one I wear every day.  If you are going to be kind enough to give me one, please let it be practical and dark so that I can put it on afterwards to go to the laboratory.” – Marie Curie, discussing the gift of her wedding gown.  Today would have been her 144th birthday.


In lieu of the birthday of theSkinnyStiletto‘s original fashion icon, our mother, we’ve decided to dedicate our post today to this wonderful woman!  A lady never reveals her age, but this one-of-a-kind wonder was a stunner in an era when fashion was severely lacking in style.  The 70s had bellbottoms and lots of checkered pants and hippie threads, but our lovely Linda was always aglow in anything from a patterned sundress, to a form-fitting minidress (this is true), or a well-tailored jumper. She is the reason our editors have such varying tastes in their own personal styles as well.  Linda is a hardworking and dedicated mother, wife, sister, friend, and educator. If it wasn’t for her fashion advice and guidance early on in our lives, we could’ve been doomed to follow horrible trends and bad taste. Our mother taught us the less-is-more rule back when we began playing dress-up and donning her make-up for recitals (which is anything but subtle) in preschool. Linda’s beautiful olive skin, naturally dark Italian tresses, and killer smile are what she has always been known for, and still is. We are honored to feature her here and hope that other women get to inspire their daughters as well! Happy Birthday Mom!!  Check out our favorite It Girl, Mila Kunis (below), who was seen wearing a similar version of Linda’s dress, just recently, in Oscar de la Renta! You know what they say, history, including fashion, always repeats itself.