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Met Gala 2012 Rundown

The Met Gala is a red carpet event known for dramatic entrances and extreme ballgowns.  But this year, it seemed the overall tone was “less is more.”  Which is usually a great thing, but not at a costume ball!  It’s the one time of year when glamor girls can wear high-fashion other than on a runway!  It seemed many stars were in simple and steam-lined frocks.  Our favorite was Camilla Belle (pictured, top right) in head-to-toe Ralph Lauren, swept-back hair, delicate accessories and dark lipstick.  She was both sexy and oozed old-world sophistication.  Neon was definitely the trend of the night – one of our favorite girls, Emily Blunt wore hot pink Calvin Klein, and husband John Krasinski also sported the same designer.  (We can’t believe that this was the first outfit we’ve ever featured of hers… especially since she’s on our inspiration page!)  Ginnifer Goodwin, Kristen Wiig, Eva Mendes, Katherine McPhee, and Kristen Bell (pictured, bottom left in Tommy Hilfiger) all sported bright orange; La La Anthony wore electric blue; Beyonce’s baby sis, Solange Knowles, January Jones, and Emma Roberts all wore extreme yellow; Allison Williams had neon purple Ralph Lauren on; and Coco Rocha had a bright yellow Givenchy pantsuit on with a hot pink top and matching highlights in her hair!  There was one trend we definitely did not love: see-through skirts. Beyonce, Rooney Mara, Heidi Klum, Leighton Meester, and Marion Cotillard all managed to make their sexy gams look strange through sheer bottoms…  A couple of young girls we love were sporting some ill-fitting frocks, including Shailene Woodley, Kristen Stewart, Lena Dunham, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Jessica Biel.  And finally, cutie-pie Carey Mulligan, Jessica Alba, Mad Men star Jessica Pare, and Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova wore some strange shades of gold that did not shine… Our other favorites were Hilary Swank in a sweeping, scarlet Michael Kors gown (pictured, above), and Ashley Greene (pictured, bottom left) in a draped, white Donna Karan creation.  (Although we hate the lackluster hair…)  Looks we liked and disliked, most of these ladies played it safe.  Next year girls, bring on the drama!


The Little Black List: Best of 2011

We here at theSkinnyStiletto realized we really like compiling lists, so we’ve created a new category we’re calling “The Little Black List.”  To start off 2012, we’re saying good-bye to 2011 by listing the 10 Best Fashion Moments of the past year.  (And no, there will never be a Kardashian on this list…)

1. Kate Middleton Makes Bridal History

2. Reese Witherspoon is Black & White All Over

3. Angelina Jolie Causes Envy at Golden Globes

4. Philip Treacy Brings Hats Back

5. The Princess & the Purple

6. Salma Hayek Shows Off Shades of Gray

7. Blake Lively is Lovely at the Met

8. Mila Kunis is Red Hot

9. The Obamas: 1st Family of Fashion

10. Camilla Belle Bares All


Although we just featured Camilla Belle in our new section of “Crazy Look We Love”, Camilla has certainly been the belle of the ball for some time as a fashion “It” Girl who makes very daring choices.  Here she chose simply, but looked anything but, in her pale pink Ateen dress and well-coordinated Miu Miu Mary Janes at the premiere of Dry Land.  Belle manages to look sexy, sophisticated, and subtle, while exuding confidence and maintaining her less-is-more outlook with natural tresses and a dewy, fresh face.  Camilla continues to impress us as an icon-in-the-making and has proven herself as one to be watched closely.  Belle is unafraid to try something new, which is what we love about her!  In our generation, it’s hard to pick out individuals who fit the description of classic beauty, but this girl has it all and makes it look oh-so-effortless!

Crazy Look We Love

This is a brand new segment where our editors pick out their favorite unusual looks!  As fashion and beauty trends change practically everyday, it’s no surprise that people, cultures and fashion-lovers constantly disagree on what’s attractive and what isn’t.  Here is Camilla Belle at the Prada to Nada premiere sporting a sleek and sexy black tuxedo pantsuit with smoky eyes and her lovely tousled chestnut locks.  But instead of a blouse or button-down shirt, she decided to go with a ruffled bra top of raw silk by Jason Wu.  (Or Wu did, as the outfit was part of his Spring 2011 line…)  But the decision to wear this on the red carpet instead of a sparkly gown or tight dress is very daring.  The Cartier jewelry put a nice accent on the black and tan look.


Camilla Belle certainly lives up to her surname (or in reality, her middle name), which means “beautiful” in French, and this beauty certainly looks luminous in bright blue.  The color reminded us of the flower Glory-of-the-Snow.  This blue bud is native to the alpine region of Europe, popping through the snow as a first sign of spring.  (Just like a purple crocus for Americans.)  Belle looks just as eye-catching in a sea of white, wearing this cobalt Oscar de la Renta dress.

Go Big or Go Home with Your Eyebrows!

Jennifer Connelly

Camilla Belle

Audrey Hepburn

We here at theSkinnyStiletto are big fans of big brows.  Eyebrows are Mother Nature’s gift to each and every one of us, and should be treated as such.  If eyes are the windows to your soul, then eyebrows are the shutters.  Back in 2008, magazines and websites were going crazy about “big brows being back,” but they were never “out.”  Thin eyebrows were all the rage in the 1930s, but for all her daring looks, Jean Harlow doesn’t remain one of our beauty icons.  Brooke Shields broke onto the scene in the 1980s at the tender age of twelve, and her bountiful brows inspired girls to surrender their tweezers in order to emulate the teen queen.

Brooke Shields in the 1980s

Not that we all can’t use a light tweezing session every now and again, but plenty of us know all about over-plucking and the agonizing months (which can turn into years…) it takes for brows to grow back properly.  This is one piece of free beauty advice many of us do not heed when we’re in our early teens, terrified of having “bushy brows.”  Eyebrows naturally complement your face, which is why everyone was born with their own individualized pair.  Our parents always told us “thicker brows are more attractive – just look at your favorite fashion icon.” Of course, they were referring to Audrey Hepburn.  Today, look at the models on the runway – they don’t have over-plucked pencil scribbles on their beautiful faces.  Which are our current favs?  Camilla Belle, Jordana Brewster, Jennifer Connelly, and Keira Knightley.  So ladies, put the tweezers down, cancel those weekly wax appointments, and indulge in the only good form of facial hair!

Tips for Faking Full Brows:

  • Use an eyebrow brush or small comb to brush brows straight up, and trim off excess hairs (but don’t cut too short!).  Fill in with pencil or powder to match your hair color.  Use pencil first to fill in gaps and then proceed with powder for a full finish.
  • Brush your eyebrows up and out to your temples to soften the look.  A dot of hairspray or gel can keep unruly brows tamed throughout the day.
  • Blondes should use a very pale, ashy brown pencil, while brunettes should look for medium-toned browns.  If you use dark brown pencils or powders, your brows may end up looking very black or overly thick, and therefore, fake.

    Jordana Brewster

    Keira Knightley