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With a title like 27 Dresses, it should be no surprise that there are at least a couple of cute frocks featured in the 2008 film!  This “Tuesday Twosome” is Katherine Heigl and Malin Akerman playing sisters Jane and Tess, who happen to be in love with the same guy!  They also happen to have great taste in clothing, too!  This scene is from Tess’ engagement party, where patient Jane is finally about to lose her cool!  Akerman looks like a modern-day Roman goddess in this delicate yellow dress with a gathered front and lovely gold beaded edges from Temperley.  Heigl wears a simple black cocktail dress with dark embroidery, and her hair done like a 1940s movie star in side-swept curls. The two make a sophisticated pair of siblings, but these lovely girls don’t stay pleasant to each other for long…


Carolina Herrera Unveils 2012 Bridal Collection

Since we’re celebrating engagements here at theSkinnyStiletto, what better topic to cover than bridal gowns?!  Recently, the ever elegant Carolina Herrera revealed her Fall 2012 bridal collection.  If big, poofy princess gowns are your kind of thing, then Herrera’s Collection is definitely not for you.  (Although the ball gowns from her Spring 2012 Collection are simply divine, and remain understated.  See photos of the “Alise” and the “Eleanor,” pictured below.)  The Venezuelan-born designer selected sophisticated columns and simplicity as the themes for these bridal dresses.  The Collection is getting more than the usual amount of attention dedicated to bridal fashion, because one of the gowns will be worn by Bella Swan in the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the movie adaptation of the fourth novel in the Twilight series.  Although it’s probably more appropriate for Bella to wear something black and gothic, since she’s marrying a walking corpse, but sure, high-end fashion always turns up in the wedding ceremonies of west-coast teenagers that take place in the woods…  Herrera’s long sheaths and belted waists are romantic, classy and are definitely unique in a time when weddings keep getting too over-the-top.  They are absolutely beautiful and sure to make any bride look timeless.


This “Tuesday Twosome” is extra special because it features some of our editors’ best friends!  (Fun Fact: The sexy brunette on the right is actually this editor’s oldest friend, as we met in preschool!)  The lovely couple, Danielle and Rob, got engaged this past Sunday and we’re so excited that they get their own post!  Here they are at a recent wedding, looking smashing as usual!  Danielle is wearing a very pretty pink strapless cocktail dress with an awesome statement necklace and matching bracelet, while Rob dons a light blue button-down with gray pants and a matching navy and silver striped tie.  Their outfits are as well-coordinated as they are for each other.  Congrats! ❤


This is a very special “Look-of-the-Day,” because it’s one of our editors’ personal friends, Leigh and her fiance Jerry!  This stylish couple will be getting married next weekend in the picturesque Outerbanks, so who better to be this week’s “Tuesday Twosome?!”  Here, Leigh is looking gorgeous as usual in a blue-ruffled shirt, navy blue blazer, classic jeans and red Chuck Taylors!  If I had to guess, the majority of this outfit was probably purchased at Urban Outfitters.  Jerry is also looking quite cool in his khakis and a pink button-down!  This couple is adorable, modest and will probably be completely mortified when they see this… but this editor can’t wait for their upcoming seaside nuptials!!  Best wishes guys! ❤

Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed… Now THIS is “something blue!”  Prince Charles purchased a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 rounds of diamonds set in an 18k white gold band from Garrard Jewelers.  (Fun Fact: Garrard Jewelers prides itself on being the world’s oldest jewelers since 1722.)  The ring was purchased for his future bride, whom we all know was Princess Diana.  The original purchase price was £28,500 [about $40,000 in 1981] but now that it is connected to the royals, the ring is currently valued at £250,000 [about $416,000 in 2011].  William said that his mother’s engagement ring was very special to him, just as Kate is, and that it was right that the two were put together in a way in which his mother wouldn’t miss out on their special day, and the rest of their lives together.  William told ITV, “I had been carrying it around in my rucksack for about three weeks before the proposal.  Everywhere I went, I was keeping ahold of it, cause I knew if this thing disappeared, I’d be in a lot of trouble.”  Catherine won’t be overshadowed by Diana’s legacy, and sure isn’t trying to fill any shoes.  Since Prince William’s younger brother Harry had inherited the ring, and he gifted it to his brother, it now has a special bond between all the members of William’s immediate family.  Catherine is her own person who wears the ring beautifully and elegantly, in a wonderful tribute to her husband’s mother.


It’s the dress seen ’round the world!  Today’s “Look-of-the-Day” is Kate Middleton’s most well-known outfit – her royal blue Issa dress.  The famous frock sold out at Harvey Nichols within 24 hours of the couple’s engagement announcement, and copycat dresses were being created and sold everywhere!  Issa is one of Kate’s favorite designers, as she seems to wear it quite frequently, and is in the running to design the bride’s gown.  The commoner-turned-princess also has a passion for the color blue!  theSkinnyStiletto has counted down our favorite Middleton looks for the last 10 days, and most of her outfits seem to feature shades of navy, periwinkle, sky, powder, and royal blue.  Maybe because it matches her eyes?  Well, whatever the reason Kate loves it, blue definitely complements her coloring.  Except tomorrow, she’ll be donning white.  Unless… “Something borrowed, something blue…”  We wonder what azure accessory the future Mrs. Windsor will be wearing tomorrow!

The Princess and the Posh

We here at theSkinnyStiletto were beyond excited when we heard that Victoria Beckham was one of the talents in the running to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  As we’ve mentioned, the former Spice Girl is our favorite living style icon.  To have her outfit another fashion icon during an historical moment for their homeland would be, in a word, amazing.  “Apparently, she likes my clothes and has asked to see a selection,” the designer said at her New York Fashion Week show. “It’s tremendously exciting and I would be honored if she were to wear my designs.  I admire her tremendously.”  This juicy tidbit was released on February 14th (this editor’s birthday – who could ask for a better birthday present than to hear two beautiful Brits might collaborate on an ultimate fashion item?!)  Victoria has impeccable taste and has designed gowns for her own line, but to see an actual wedding dress created by the famed fashionista would make our hearts aflutter!  Who better to dress a royal than a pop princess anyway?  Posh even wore a crown on her own big day in 1999, pictured left.  Beckham stated that Kate is “a beautiful young girl.  She has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully.”  However, the latest news states that Beckham will just design some regal romps for the honeymoon.  Posh sent over samples of her Spring/Summer line and was very flattered to be considered to dress the future princess on her magical day.  Beckham and her world-famous husband, David, will be attending the nuptials, as well.  Even though we’d rather see Kate wearing a Posh gown on April 29th, seeing her wear some of the cute frocks pictured below on her honeymoon will be fun, too.   Middleton has taken some fashion advice from the former Spice Girl and now it’s concrete: Kate has wonderful taste!  But will we see Beckingham meet Buckingham on the big day?