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Uniting a Kingdom of Isles

The Irish and the English have been fighting for centuries, which has led to violence, oppression, terrorism and death.  In the short year that Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married, it seems the royal couple have been attempting to take small steps to uniting the two countries through… fashion?  It might sound shallow at first, but it seems the prince and princess have been honoring the Emerald Isle all year!  Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and in honor of March 17th, Kate Middleton handed out bouquets of shamrocks (the national flower of Ireland) to the Irish Guard (pictured, above).  The princess sported a gorgeous belted green Emilia Wickstead coat with chocolate suede pumps and a matching “Betty Boop” hat by Lock and Co.  She topped off her look with a gold shamrock brooch, previously used by the Queen Mother and Princess Anne, a bouquet of shamrocks in her lapel, and amethyst and diamond earrings by Kiki McDonough (hmm, a jeweler with an Irish surname).  For their enormous wedding last April, Prince William donned the traditional red dress uniform of the Irish Guard.  Considering one out of every three people on Earth watched the royal wedding, we have a feeling the prince was trying to make a statement about his respect for Ireland.  Last year, William was appointed to the honorary rank of of Colonel of the Irish Guard, and last June the couple handed out operational service medals to the Guards who fought in Afghanistan (pictured, below).  Princess Kate has also been sporting Irish designer Orla Kiely quite a bit, lately.  Earlier this week, she wore a lovely gray accordion dress while visiting the Dulwich Picture Gallery (pictured, above left).  In February, while visiting schools in Oxford, she wore a 1970s walnut-brown bird patterned dress coat by Kiely that sold out within minutes (pictured, above right).  While the British-Irish conflict isn’t exactly a problem that will be fixed with clothing, it’s nice to see the young royals making an effort to unite the two cultures with shared traditions and Irish fashion.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Wednesday’s Shoe

This “Wednesday’s Shoe” is appropriately emerald green, in honor of the Emerald Isle!  This St. Patrick’s Day, you can look like one classy colleen in these babies!  Made by Christian Louboutin (if you hadn’t already figured that out by the red sole) these beautiful shoes are called “Volpi 150” heels.  They are made of satin and have crisscrossed fabric that creates a peep-toe.  Originally $700, you can find them at several online outlets for around $150-$170.  If you don’t want to invest in these kind of shoes for St. Patty’s Day, you can order some adorable shamrock chocolate heels instead!


“You’re not in America now, you’re in Ireland.  So have a drink and shut up,” Declan, played by Matthew Goode, tells Amy Adams’ character, Anna, in the 2010 film Leap Year.  The two play complete opposites who end up roaming the Irish countryside together so that Anna can propose to her boyfriend in Dublin on February 29th – the one day when it’s okay for a woman to ask a man to marry him in Ireland.  Inevitably, Anna ends up falling for her tour guide instead.  They end up making one sexy Irish couple, which is why we’ve chosen them for today’s “Tuesday Twosome.”  Here, Adams is wearing a Burberry trench coat with a green and white floral lining, tan Christian Louboutin pumps, and a mint green stitched top by Day Birger et Mikkelsen.  The soft color combination against Adams’ red hair and bright blue eyes creates one lovely outfit.  Her partner-in-crime, with a pretty gorgeous pair of blue eyes himself, Matthew Goode is sexy in brown pants, working class boots, a maroon-colored shirt and a dark peacoat from All Saints Spitalfields.  Matthew Goode actually thought Leap Year ended up being one of the worst films made in 2010, but he took the role so he could fly home to London on weekends!  Oh, well, we liked it!

Girl Scout Power

[A uniform] gives a certain prestige in the community. When a girl is seen in uniform, people recognize her as a girl who is courteous and obliging… The uniform puts every girl on the same footing…[and] makes a useful dress for her to work and play in at the meetings.”Reads the Girl Scout Leader’s Manual, circa 1917.  Today, the Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary, and despite some recent criticism from wackos like Rep. Bob Harris, the Girl Scouts remain a great jumping off point for young girls.  (Fun Fact: 69% of female US senators, 67% of House Representatives, and 80% of female business-owners were in the Girl Scouts!)  What people generally associate with the nonprofit is delicious cookies, and the color green!  It’s serendipitous that the Girl Scouts’ centennial falls during “Irish Week,” a country whose national color is also GREEN!  The Girl Scouts were founded by Savannah-native Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low (whose portrait is pictured, left).  Following her husband’s death, she moved back from London to her hometown in Georgia.  She had met Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, while living in England, and decided to create a similar organization for young girls, when she returned to the states.  Eventually, the Girl Scouts blossomed into a huge American youth organization, with over 50 million alumnae.  Their uniform color was originally navy blue, then changed to khaki, and finally became the official green color they are today.  The Girl Scouts’ official webpage has an adorable exhibit on the uniforms used during the last 100 years.  (Our favorite has to be the 1934 Mariner uniform for girls interested in the sea and sailing!  Why didn’t they have that when we were little?!)  Some notable former Girl Scouts include Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Katie Couric (pictured in uniform, right), Mary Tyler Moore, Sandra Day O’Connor, Tipper Gore, Lucille Ball, Janet Reno, Barbara Walters, and Gloria Steinem, among many others.  Even international supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter, Leni, is a Brownie (pictured, below center)!  Sporting green has certainly produced some powerful women, so here’s to another hundred!  Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!


St. Patrick’s Day is seven days away, which means it’s officially “Irish Week” at theSkinnyStiletto.  Since our editors are Irish-American, we love talking about fashion from a country that brought us plaid, fisherman sweaters, fair isle and an affection for green!  Our first look that celebrates the Emerald Isle is from the 2009 movie Ondine.  The sexy Colin Farrell plays a single fisherman named Syracuse, with a young, handicapped daughter.  The two both start to fall in love with a women named Ondine, played by Alicja Bachleda, who he catches in his fishing net!  But how did this beautiful woman survive the frigid waters of Ireland?  Syracuse’s daughter believes she must be a “Selke,” a water nymph, but do the mythic creatures really exist?  Costume designer Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh has worked on other notable Irish films, including Leap Year and Palme d’Or winner The Wind That Shakes the Barley.  Since Syracuse and his daughter aren’t exactly wealthy or posh, they have to round up some secondhand clothes for Ondine.  This slinky knit dress and hunter green coat (perfect color for the country) could end up looking trashy on anyone else, but matched with Ondine’s natural wavy hair and a pair of tall fisherman boots, she does look like a modern mermaid washed ashore.


This editor just returned from a mid-January vacation to London and Paris, and hasn’t yet shaken her Anglophile mood (who am I kidding – it’s been 20 years, I’m always going to be obsessed with the Brits.)  Here is Natalie Portman as the infamous Anne Boleyn in the 2008 film The Other Boleyn Girl.  As an admitted Elizabethan geek, I was very excited when Hollywood took such an interest in the Tudor family a couple of years ago (not that they were always accurate…)  Costume designer Sandy Powell, who has outfitted other royal movies, such as The Young Victoria and Edward II, is the winner of three Academy Awards for her beautiful work.  This movie tells the tale of the Queen of Thousand Days and her sister, Mary, who was actually King Henry VIII’s mistress before her.  Anne’s stunning silk emerald gown is possibly an intimation that is she is certainly green with envy for the attention her sister gets.  Powell has stated, “There is not a great deal of variety in the shape or silhouette of a Tudor dress, and the girls shared the same life and moved mainly in the same circles, at home or at Court, so I used a difference in tone and shade to separate them.  Mary’s character is slightly softer and more romantic than Anne, who is seen as stronger and more forceful.  So, without being as obvious as one girl in red and one in blue, I’ve dressed them in different hues.”  Powell got her inspiration from Tudor painter Hans Holbein, whose paintings hang in the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The most noticeable similarity is Anne’s “B” necklace on a string of pearls and gold that she sports in both art and film (pictured, below.)  She may have only been queen for a thousand days, but she certainly earned her place in history, and still continues to inspire today.

Poison Ivy League

“She’s pretty as a daisy but look out man she’s crazy, She’ll really do you in, Now if you let her under your skin, Poison Ivyyy…”  Apparently female scientists become mad much faster than their male counterparts in comic books, because it seems a lot of them don’t lead peaceful lives (refer to yesterday’s featured Comic-Con character Dr. Jean Grey).  Poison Ivy started out her life as Pamela Lillian Isley.  She first appeared in Batman #181 in 1966 (pictured, left).  Pamela was an orphaned botanist from Seattle seduced by a thief who steals an ancient Egyptian artifact full of herbs.  Fearing she will tell, he tries to poison her with the deadly plants, but instead she builds immunity to all natural disease and toxins.  Her early biography is changed later in the Batman comics to being seduced by a professor while she’s studying advanced biochemistry.  In an experiment, the professor injects her with poison on several occasions, which almost kills her, but she’s driven insane by the tests.  This makes her have violent mood swings and she drops out of college (bad move).  Leaving Seattle, she goes to Gotham City to basically become an eco-terrorist.  Poison Ivy interests include protecting the environment, growing plants in unexpected places and bothering Batman.  In some issues, she actually has a romantic relationship with Batman – but beware!  Her kiss can literally kill people!  (Hmm… sounds like someone had a bad breakup with their hippie girlfriend in college when this was written!)  Even though she’s generally evil, growing lovely green plants do help beautify the bad parts of Gotham and taking in 16 orphaned children to raise, due to her own tragic childhood, are some of the complex, compassionate characteristics of this villainess.  On screen, she is portrayed in a far more evil light (ironic, considering the live-action film is more cartoonish than the cartoon…)  Played by Uma Thurman in the 1997 box-office bomb, Batman and Robin, she is definitely the most interesting part of the movie.  Also poisoned by an evil professor in the beginning of the film, Pamela Isley turns from a frumpy tree-hugger into a gorgeous chlorophyll-ed sexpot.  She is generally dressed in shades of emerald, lime, pine, fresh-cut grass, and of course, vines of ivy.  Her vibrant red hair is always nicely-complemented by her affinity for the color green.  Her sexy appearance is due to the fact that her image was based on Bettie Page.  Casting Uma Thurman would have been an odd-choice, considering she was generally a blonde waif in the 1990s, but she actually does have a gorgeous hourglass figure, so it was a natural fit.  Poison Ivy’s lethal combination of sex, evil and nature makes us think she was based on another garden girl… named Eve?  Ah, maybe religious roots and deep-seated sexism is a little too serious for this fashion blog!  But Ivy does have some kick-ass digs.  Her green tights, capes, bodysuits, vibrant scarlet hair and floral accessories make Poison Ivy one of the best-dressed girls of Gotham!  This botanic babe’s movie wardrobe is one of the closest transitions from graphic novel to film screen.  Even though she isn’t the nicest person, her clothing, confidence and chlorophyll make her one of our favorite comic book antagonists!