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Playing second fiddle to a blushing bride isn’t always a fun job (especially when you’re in the world’s most watched wedding – don’t trip!  Only 1/3 of the planet is watching!)  But Princess Kate’s kid sister seemed to be having a grand ol’ time at her big sister’s royal nuptials!  Pippa Middleton seems as perky and fun as her nickname!  Princess Catherine wasn’t about to make her maid-of-honor look like a dog – she outfitted Pippa in a sexy gown by the same designer (Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton) as herself.  What a good sister!  People were perplexed why Pippa was in white too, but it’s royal tradition to dress a lady-in-waiting in a similar color to the bride.  Both girls looked quite glamorous, which is why we waited a week to feature Pippa in her own post!  And really?  Which wedding guest had a gown appropriate enough for “Fancy Friday” that wasn’t Kate?


Words on Fashion

You look beautiful.” – Prince William to Princess Kate when she arrived at the altar.

Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed… Now THIS is “something blue!”  Prince Charles purchased a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 rounds of diamonds set in an 18k white gold band from Garrard Jewelers.  (Fun Fact: Garrard Jewelers prides itself on being the world’s oldest jewelers since 1722.)  The ring was purchased for his future bride, whom we all know was Princess Diana.  The original purchase price was £28,500 [about $40,000 in 1981] but now that it is connected to the royals, the ring is currently valued at £250,000 [about $416,000 in 2011].  William said that his mother’s engagement ring was very special to him, just as Kate is, and that it was right that the two were put together in a way in which his mother wouldn’t miss out on their special day, and the rest of their lives together.  William told ITV, “I had been carrying it around in my rucksack for about three weeks before the proposal.  Everywhere I went, I was keeping ahold of it, cause I knew if this thing disappeared, I’d be in a lot of trouble.”  Catherine won’t be overshadowed by Diana’s legacy, and sure isn’t trying to fill any shoes.  Since Prince William’s younger brother Harry had inherited the ring, and he gifted it to his brother, it now has a special bond between all the members of William’s immediate family.  Catherine is her own person who wears the ring beautifully and elegantly, in a wonderful tribute to her husband’s mother.