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Little Black List: Suri’s Top 10

“Suri” means pickpocket in Japanese, which makes sense, because we’d love to steal her style!  Miss Cruise turned 6 today, and we’re counting down her Top 10 Looks – which, despite only being alive for a few years, was pretty hard to narrow down.  No wonder she has her own blog

1. Black & White & Cute All Over: This editor’s two favorite shades on a girl with her favorite coloring (brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin).  This silk dress was made for her by Holmes & Yang (her mother’s design label).  Suri looks like a china-doll with edge.2. Burberry Baby: This is probably Suri’s most famous outfit.  She wore this classic Burberry plaid dress and bob haircut in 2007 that made her a style phenomenon.  All of a sudden, toddlers everywhere were sporting this adorable ‘do.3. Lady in Red: Suri sported a similar dress to the NYC Ballet, but this one is by Helena & Harry.  She paired it was a great pair of silver Bonpoint ballet flats and pigtails!4. Anchors Away: We featured this look last spring.  This black and white Ralph Lauren nautical dress is perfect for the summer!  We wish it came in our size!5. Bold Navy: There’s two things Suri seems to love – a great fashion moment, and a good cupcake.  Here, she has both!












6. Oh, Canada: Here is an older Suri last year in Vancouver, sporting an adorable Burberry princess coat.  She had on sneakers and a dress from H&M, too – the horror!

7. Disney Princess: All little girls play dress-up, but some get to do it for magazines.  Here, Suri sports a Cinderella gown at the famous theme park in Florida. 8. 1980s Chic: The true mark of a trendsetter is pulling off something that wouldn’t normally look good – Suri does it all the time.  Our editors hate both Juicy Couture and leggings, but here, Suri is pulling off both.  College cardigan by Juicy, flats by Manolo Blahnik, leggings by American Apparel, and princess umbrella by Disney.

9. Boots Made for Walking: Our editors also happen to hate rain boots (mainly because they’re meant for children under 10, but college girls seem to think that’s their age group…), but Suri makes them look good, once again!  Dress by mother’s label Holmes & Yang, accessories by Kidorable.

10. Tiny Dancer: Here, Suri is sporting the classic ballet look: soft pink tights, leotard, and ballet slippers.  She even stays in character by having her hair French-braided.  Love. ❤



This chic California girl standing in front of a snow-covered graveyard is Cameron Diaz in the 2006 film The Holiday.  (Fun Fact: This is one of the few movies our editors never get sick of watching.  It’s very odd.  This editor, without exaggeration, has probably seen it close to 100 times…  During cold nights in Italian grad school, my friends – and fellow blog authors! – Carol, Leigh and Kim, would bundle up, make some hot tea and we’d watch it together in our beloved attic “TV room” of the palazzo we lived in.  Ah, memories.)  Diaz plays Amanda, a Hollywood resident who switches homes with a lonely but lovely British writer, acted by Kate Winslet.  Diaz’s character arrives in the English countryside wearing this Christian Dior white and chocolate shearling coat, slim jeans, a Ralph Lauren turtleneck with adorable buttons on the sleeves, and tops it off with black Chanel sunglasses, black Prada pumps and a lot of baggage.  This platinum blonde may look out of place in Surrey, but soon realizes that she’s more at home there than she ever expected… just like a couple of displaced American girls living in Florence.


Before theSkinnyStiletto starts its “12 Days of Christmas Countdown” of our favorite looks from holiday movies, this mother-daughter duo seemed perfect for a December “Tuesday Twosome!”  The two cuties pictured are, of course, Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise at a 2008 attendance of the Nutcracker.  Suri has on one darling little Christmas outfit – a red satin dress with matching ballet flats, and a mini winter white princess coat by Best & Co. (with tights and a baby blanket to match!)  Her dress is called the “Duchess Dress” by Ralph Lauren Baby.  Katie is laid-back chic in an belted oversized cardigan, wide-leg trousers, a white cable-knit cap and a glossy pair of red stiletto pumps (that coordinate with Suri’s!)  We have to admit, one of our favorite blogs is the fictional account of Miss Cruise’s life, called Suri’s Burn Book.  Looking at her adorable little mug when she’s all dolled up is just so much fun!

Ralph Lauren Saves American Flag

O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light...”  I guess Ralph Lauren wanted his grandchildren’s children to see the flag that inspired our national anthem, because he is one of the major contributors that donated the funds to save it!  The flag in question, is the enormous Star-Spangled Banner that has hung in the Smithsonian over the last century.  It was flown on September 14, 1814 in Fort McHenry, Baltimore, during the War of 1812, and inspired Francis Scott Key to write the haunting lyrics that later became the United States’ national anthem.  Ralph Lauren, whose label epitomizes classic Americana sophistication, is no stranger to the national symbol, as his Polo brand’s icon is also Old Glory!  In 1998, Polo Ralph Lauren pledged $10 million to the cause of saving the nearly 200-year-old piece of history.  Lauren went on to actually give $13 million to the cause (which was nearly half of the money donated!)  Lauren even wrote the forward for the 2008 book, Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of an American Icon, which tells the story of the flag and the measures taken to save it.  Our editors were surprised to see the classy designer’s name printed outside the exhibition when we visited the flag last spring, and ended up investigating.  Museum director Brent Glass said, “Ralph Lauren really reflects the American dream in his personal story,” as a Bronx-native named Ralph Lipchitz, who went on to build his own business that would make him a billionaire, and become synonymous with American style.  Lauren stated, “The flag is an inspiration for all Americans and it captures the dreams and imaginations of men and women all over the world.  I am a product of the American dream and the flag is its symbol.  We at Polo Ralph Lauren are incredibly honored to be able to make this possible.”  It’s nearly inconceivable to separate American sportswear from the Ralph Lauren label, so it makes sense that he will forever be affiliated with another icon that embodies the American experience.  Today, it’s especially important to remember the sacrifices our veterans have made so we could all pursue our own American dreams, and remember how important Old Glory really is.

Words on Fashion

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” – Ralph Lauren


We could have just dedicated this whole week to Victoria Beckham and her boys, because they always look cute!  Here, Posh is wearing a bright yellow Goat Kendall sundress in the south of France, looking like a great complement to son, Romeo’s, bright orange Ralph Lauren polo.  She accessorized her look with platform nude stilettos and a Hermes Himalayan crocodile Birkin 35 handbag.  (Although, Romeo’s cute little stuffed lamb makes a nice accessory, too!).  This mom-and-son pair look fantastic for summer fun in the sun!


If we’re talking about the best-dressed mothers in Hollywood this week, there is no better dressed mother-daughter combination than that of Katie Holmes, and her small daughter, Suri Cruise.  Sure, Suri is probably far too young to be interested in clothing or wearing designer labels, (or the odd high-heel argument…), but they surely are a pretty pair.  (Even if they happen to worship aliens.)  Here, Katie was taking her cutie for a walk on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, a couple of years ago when husband, Tom, was promoting his movie, Valkyrie.  Katie is sporting a simple navy cardigan, white linen shorts and beige tank, along with Roger Vivier snakeskin sandals.  But Suri is the real scene-stealer in her black and white Ralph Lauren nautical dress.  Apparently, Katie isn’t the only Cruise interested in fashion either – she just recently hired her stepdaughter, Isabella “Bella” Cruise, to be her apprentice at her new line, Holmes & Yang.  Looks like this young mama is interested in keeping her cubs in couture!