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An All-American Love Story

What can you say about a 25-year-old girl that died?  That she was beautiful.  And brilliant.  That she loved Mozart and Bach, the Beatles, and me,” Ryan O’Neal narrates in the opening scene of the 1970 classic Love Story.  The movie tells the simple tale of a working-class Italian girl named Jenny Cavalleri (played by the gorgeous Ali MacGraw) who attends Radcliffe College, and meets a handsome Harvard blue blood named Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neal).  The two inevitably argue, flirt and fall in love.  But is it ever that simple?  Oliver’s wealthy father disagrees with his choice of mate, but he isn’t easily swayed – Oliver stands by his woman!  As a result, his family cuts him off financially, and Oliver and Jenny decide to wed following their graduation.  The young couple face early hardship, struggling to make ends meet while Oliver attends Harvard Law School, and Jenny works as a private school teacher and camp counselor during the summer.  The two make it through the tough times, and after Oliver finishes third in his law school class, they head for New York City, where he accepts a position at a well-known law firm.  Jenny decides she wants to have children, but after several unsuccessful attempts, her doctors inform her that cancer is the reason she and Oliver can’t get pregnant – it’s not curable, either.  This tragic romance was nominated for the Best Picture, as well as six other Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Actress.  Harvard graduate Erich Segal wrote the screenplay and the accompanying book, which was the #1 best-seller of 1970.  (Fun Fact: Love Story was the first movie to be filmed at Harvard University.  Every year it is shown to the incoming freshman class, where traditional heckling also takes place.)  The other major star of this film was Ali MacGraw’s wardrobe!  Her combination of bohemian chic and collegiate preppiness set the tone for women’s clothing in the 1970s, and made MacGraw one of the all-time fashion icons of the 20th century.  Calvin Klein told Vanity Fair, “She exemplified this great American style.  In the beginning, there was that rich-hippie period.  But it went beyond that, and her style put her among the greats: Katharine Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, C. Z. Guest, Babe Paley.”  Early in the film, Jenny is very much a college girl in turtlenecks, striped-scarves, plaid miniskirts, knit caps, and peacoats.  She is a music student who works at the Radcliffe library, and sports some over-sized glasses when she’s studying or playing the piano.  MacGraw also has a very natural beauty style, with her dark eyes, accented by strong eyebrows, minimal makeup and long brunette locks, generally parted down the the middle: all of which became the go-to look of the earthy 70s.  Considering the majority of the film takes place in New England, prep-school style had to be incorporated (especially considering Segal was the first author to ever have the word “preppy” published).  Jenny’s outerwear has to be the best part of her wardrobe.  Her dark peacoat, camel trench and cream-colored coat have to be three of the chicest items of her clothing, that are routinely mentioned in fashion guides (including our favorite, Victoria Beckham’s).  Her proper “popped collar” is also the way a collar should be up: it protects the neck, and provides structure for a scarf to sit.  Following their financial independence and subsequent simple wedding ceremony (pictured, left), Jenny and Oliver are the epitome of nautical preppy in various combinations of navy blue and white during the summer.  Even though it’s over 40-years-old, the style of Love Story is so timeless, every outfit could be worn today without blinking an eye.  The film reminds our editors’ of their own parents, a feisty Italian girl and an Irish collegiate athlete, who met while she was working on campus, just like Jenny and Oliver.  The two also faced disapproval from their parents, and went on to experience trouble having children (until they were blessed with us!  Thank God.)  Since they also both entered college in the same year Love Story was released, it’s amazing to see how many similarities in our own parents’ closets resembled Jenny and Olivers’ cool styles.  The handsome Ryan O’Neal looked great in layered button-down shirts, v-neck sweaters, neutral scarves and gloves, plaid blazers, suede jackets, and even his Harvard hockey jersey!  It’s the perfect combination of a relaxed college guy in the 1970s, and the well-dressed independent man Oliver grows into.  (Geez, so much more sophisticated than band t-shirts, dirty baseball caps and baggy jeans so many undergrads sport today!)   It’s actually kind of spooky how close our own father’s wardrobe still looks like Oliver’s digs.  During Oliver’s grad school years, the couple’s clothing slowly transitions from student to young adult.  Oliver starts to dress like a young professional, and Jenny’s skirts and sweaters become more streamlined. Once the Barretts move to New York, Jenny mentions that they’re now “nouveau riche,” and they certainly exemplify that style of the 1970s in collared shirts, classic knits and beautiful jackets.  Unfortunately, the stunning young couple’s happiness is cut short, once they realize they won’t be parents, and Jenny won’t live to see her next birthday (which, oddly enough, today is this editor’s 26th birthday – a day Jenny doesn’t live to see.)  In one of the final scenes of the movie, Oliver and Jenny look particularly chic when they go ice-skating in Central Park (pictured, below).  Jenny sports a cream-colored cashmere coat with a fur hat and scarf, while Oliver looks gorgeous in his Irish fisherman sweater, as they share a cup of cocoa.  With the couple’s final scenes in a cold New York, playing in the snow as undergrads, and studying together curled up on a couch, this movie inspires lots of winter weather looks that will certainly make your honey want to snuggle!  Even though the opening line gives away the inevitable tragic ending, this tearjerker will surely having you sobbing.  (Fun Fact #2: Rachel McAdams watched this film the night before she auditioned for The Notebook, and thought she wasn’t going to get it, because her eyes were so puffy from crying all night!)  Even though it’s sad, Love Story showcased a specific style that influenced millions, and exalted Ali MacGraw into icon status.  Calvin Klein was quoted as saying, “She exemplified the great American Style.”  Even though Jenny doesn’t make it to the end of the movie, her legacy lives on.



For this “Tuesday Twosome,” we chose our new favorite modern onscreen couple, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, from last summer’s box office hit, Friends With Benefits.  (There were many other romances we wanted to feature during our Valentine’s Day countdown, but it’s hard to find proper stills of some of our older and foreign favorites!  But Friends with Benefits is definitely our absolute favorite modern rom-com!)  In this fast-paced, witty, atypical romantic comedy, Kunis plays Jamie Rellis, a New York City headhunter who tracks down a savvy blogger named Dylan Harper, played by Timberlake.  As Harper is from Los Angeles and decides to take GQ up on their offer as their new art director, he finds he has only one friend in his new city – Jamie.  Kunis and Timberlake make a perfect pair, playing verbal (and later physical) tennis with incredibly quick jokes, comebacks, and undeniable chemistry.  (Which is why his supposed engagement to Biel made us very upset that these two weren’t a couple…)  Due to the youthfulness of the picture, this dynamic duo is dressed in very fashion-forward business attire.  In this scene, Jamie is coming to pick Dylan up from the airport for his initial interview with GQ.  Although her silk button-down blouse, pencil skirt, and bun are all correct in the corporate world, Jamie’s lightning bolt necklace by Lizzie Scheck might look a little out-of-place (even though it cost $820 in real life!), but it actually provides some foreshadowing for the film.  Timberlake is wearing a look made famous in the mid-1960s by the Rat Pack.  The old cads donned fitted suits with skinny ties, and it seems this look is making its full generational trend return.  (Wait for our full article on that soon…!)  According to costume designer Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, Dylan is “a guy who could have a blog and tell other guys what to do.”  For his work wardrobe, Kalfus selected slim-fit pieces from Dior, Thom Brown, and Save Khaki.  This chic pair is the perfect couple to feature on February 14th in the year 2012!  Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Words on Fashion

I know what women want.  They want to be beautiful.” – Valentino Garavani

Wednesday’s Shoe

Looking for some sweet shoes this Valentine’s Day?  These black suede pumps are called Heart Pointed Court Shoes from GIGGLES, and used to be carried at TopShop for $116.  They are covered in bronze glitter hearts and have a 4.5″ heel.  With a sophisticated shape and a whimsical design, these shoes are the perfect pairing of young and old.  They’ll be sure to make your Valentine swoon!  (Or make him think you go shopping with your 5-year-old niece! <3)


It was hard trying to find an outfit from a romantic comedy that also happens to feature the team colors of the New York Giants, who won the Super Bowl last night, but then we stumbled on this!  Here is Jennifer Garner in Valentine’s Day (I guess it would have made more sense to post this on the actual holiday…) sporting an A-line blue skirt with a red and white polka-dotted cardigan, while Ashton Kutcher delivers her flowers at the school she teaches in.  Garner certainly looks at home holding that textbook with her red nails and ponytail – if she didn’t get into acting, she would have made one adorable schoolteacher!  This 2010 rom-com by Garry Marshall got horrible reviews, but it had some cute parts with these two, Julia Roberts and a bevy of other Hollywood A-listers.  At least the girls got to wear some cute clothes!  (Doesn’t that always make everything better?)  Go Giants!


Earlier this week, our editors were discussing writing the rundown of the Venice Film Festival and then we realized we only liked one dress… this one!  Salma Hayek looks absolutely stunning in this ruffled gray Gucci gown at the (what else?) Gucci Award For Women in Cinema event.  Salma also proves that matching your eyeshadow to your outfit can actually look quite fabulous.  Gucci featured a description of Hayek’s gown and clutch on their websiteFun Fact: Venice holds a special place in Hayek’s heart – her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, and she were married there two years ago on Valentine’s Day!  (It also holds a special place in our editors’ hearts too: one celebrated her 23rd birthday there on Valentine’s Day – actually the same day Salma was there getting married!; and the other spent part of her honeymoon last year!) ❤


Be still my heart!  That’s one cute shirt!  While watching reruns of the hit TV show Modern Family, this editor saw a particularly cute Burberry button-down with a heart pattern!  The top was worn by the beautiful Julie Bowen on the 2010 Valentine’s Day episode “My Funky Valentine.”  (Which happens to be this editor’s date of birth, and anything pertaining to hearts has always been of interest to me.  The Burberry fascination came later when I saw Posh Spice in Teen People with the British brand’s bikini top on.)  This shirt was $325 but has been marked down to $113 at Neiman Marcus.  If the shirt is too much for you, it comes in adorable accessories – the umbrella and matching bag are lots of fun!  A perfect pattern when you’re feeling lovey-dovey!