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To Have and To Hold: Hunger Games-Inspired Weddings

Let’s get Katniss Everdeen to her wedding in style.  The Hunger Games is a novel about survival, starvation, torture and fighting to the death, yet apparently some people seem to find that very romantic!  Several Hunger Games-themed bridal photo-shoots popped up before the premiere of the film last month, earmarking a huge trend to come surrounding the famous series.  The Wedding Event Institute announced a contest called “The Wedding Games,” where 12 planners and stylists will compete to create the best Katniss-inspired wedding.  (You think anyone notices the irony about turning a dystopian horror story into part of a competition that feeds the completely corporate and over-the-top billion-dollar wedding industry…?)  Hmm, well irony aside, some of the elements could translate pretty well: table numbers by District number, incorporating the herbs rue and katniss, as well as dandelions and primroses into a bouquet (you could even use the wilted dandelions to blow the spores onto the couple, instead of throwing rice!), and, of course, putting the bride’s hair into a long braid.  (Fun Fact: Traditional Irish brides wore braids, as they were a symbol of feminine power and luck. Hmm… you think Suzanne Collins did that intentionally?)  You could also easily come up with an entire menu, based on the absence and abundance of food Collins describes in the series – you could serve Katniss’s favorite lamb stew with plums, “sugar berry” jam, fresh-baked bread (or even bread for each district, like the seaweed kind from District 4 that Peeta describes), Mellark bakery’s cheese and apple tarts, hot chocolate from the train, Primrose’s basil-wrapped goat cheese, pudding the color of honey, and, of course, a beautifully detailed wedding cake adorned with handcrafted sugar flowers – just like the ones Peeta Mellark made while working in his father’s bakery.  (Damn, you could start a whole restaurant out of the delicious treats Suzanne Collins describes!  Those were just the dishes we could remember!)  All of the shoots incorporated the forest setting, which makes sense since that’s where Katniss hunts in District 12 and fights in when she’s in the arena.  Each of bridal models carried Katniss’s signature bow-and-arrow (considering that’s cupid’s weapon, that actually makes a lot of sense to incorporate that element).  Green Wedding Shoes featured an adorable table setting with tree stumps for seats (pictured, above), and a bouquet of arrows in place of flowers (pictured, above left).  We loved the stunning bright wildflowers and gorgeous table settings by Courtney Clarke Photography (pictured, below).  Our favorite shoot was done by Stacie Shea Events (pictured, top and bottom).  We found their use of berries, bread and bows-and-arrows to be the simplest, yet classiest.  Their idea of having mini berry jams and tiny baker loaves as parting favors was particularly adorable (pictured, below), as well as recreating the Katniss and Peeta suicide pact (pictured, top left) that feels reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet (not that we’re encouraging it!)  Each shoot included gorgeous wedding cakes decorated with mockingjays, but we’re surprised no one went with the descriptive passages Collins had written about Peeta’s beautiful floral handiwork on desserts.  (We’re also surprised they didn’t include any gorgeous blonde grooms – guess these stylists and photographers were all Team Gale?  Hehe. Although, a traditional wedding ceremony in District 12 features the bride and groom toasting bread – if the “girl on fire” and “the boy with the bread” marry, one would get toast…)  Rustic wedding settings full of birch trees, evergreens and wildflowers do provide a naturally stunning venue, so it makes sense people might be drawn to creating a Hunger Games-esque wedding, but considering the amount of death and destruction that takes place over the series, we don’t think that was the message Suzanne Collins was trying to send… Katniss Everdeen is not a girl just trying to get a ring on it.  Although, it’s not really fair for us to assume what the author would like, since all she ever wanted for her characters was happiness, and the prospect of hope. ❤


Words on Fashion

I have no dress except the one I wear every day.  If you are going to be kind enough to give me one, please let it be practical and dark so that I can put it on afterwards to go to the laboratory.” – Marie Curie, discussing the gift of her wedding gown.  Today would have been her 144th birthday.


theSkinnyStiletto had been on a bit of hiatus at the end of September, because one of our editors had been in North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C. over the last two weeks, and this gorgeous couple was one of the destinations!  Here are Leigh and Jerry, a former “Tuesday Twosome,” on their wedding day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  This stunning bride looks like a magazine ad, but she is surprisingly not!  Leigh wore a sophisticated high-neck gown with a plunging back and a fitted waist.  The gentlemen seated at my table could not get over how much she resembled a J.Crew model!  Leigh accessorized her look with a fabulous feather (pictured, insert left), strands of pearls wrapped around her wrist with matching drop earrings, and a bouquet of yellow flowers, which matched Jerry’s tie!  His slick dark suit made this couple one posh pair!  This beautiful photograph above was courtesy of the extremely talented Genevieve Stewart.  Her work can be seen on her blog of the same name.  The wedding was incredibly intimate and charming, and I feel absolutely blessed to have been a part of it.  Here’s wishing Leigh and Jerry all the best! ❤

Carolina Herrera Unveils 2012 Bridal Collection

Since we’re celebrating engagements here at theSkinnyStiletto, what better topic to cover than bridal gowns?!  Recently, the ever elegant Carolina Herrera revealed her Fall 2012 bridal collection.  If big, poofy princess gowns are your kind of thing, then Herrera’s Collection is definitely not for you.  (Although the ball gowns from her Spring 2012 Collection are simply divine, and remain understated.  See photos of the “Alise” and the “Eleanor,” pictured below.)  The Venezuelan-born designer selected sophisticated columns and simplicity as the themes for these bridal dresses.  The Collection is getting more than the usual amount of attention dedicated to bridal fashion, because one of the gowns will be worn by Bella Swan in the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the movie adaptation of the fourth novel in the Twilight series.  Although it’s probably more appropriate for Bella to wear something black and gothic, since she’s marrying a walking corpse, but sure, high-end fashion always turns up in the wedding ceremonies of west-coast teenagers that take place in the woods…  Herrera’s long sheaths and belted waists are romantic, classy and are definitely unique in a time when weddings keep getting too over-the-top.  They are absolutely beautiful and sure to make any bride look timeless.


This “Tuesday Twosome” is extra special because it features some of our editors’ best friends!  (Fun Fact: The sexy brunette on the right is actually this editor’s oldest friend, as we met in preschool!)  The lovely couple, Danielle and Rob, got engaged this past Sunday and we’re so excited that they get their own post!  Here they are at a recent wedding, looking smashing as usual!  Danielle is wearing a very pretty pink strapless cocktail dress with an awesome statement necklace and matching bracelet, while Rob dons a light blue button-down with gray pants and a matching navy and silver striped tie.  Their outfits are as well-coordinated as they are for each other.  Congrats! ❤

Special Exhibit: The Princess Bride

Haven’t had enough of the royal wedding, yet?  Kate Middleton’s famous Alexander McQueen bridal gown by Sarah Burton will go on display for visitors to see this coming summer!  Buckingham Palace will offer tours from July 23rd to October 3rd of this year to view Princess Catherine’s dress, Cartier tiara, veil, heels, as well as the Rolls-Royce Phantom and 1902 State Landau coach that carried Kate and Wills.  (Fun Fact: Even the wedding cake by Fiona Cairns will be shown in the State dining room!)  Seeing the royal jewels is always a fun choice while visiting London, and being able to see this exhibit seems like a great addition!  Tickets are $28.70 for adults and $16.50 for children.  Wish we were there!


The day before Mother’s Day, and the final day of featuring the best-dressed guests of the royal wedding, who else would we feature, but the princess’s pretty mama, Carole Middleton?  Mother-of-the-bride dresses are usually the epitome of matronly, but this mom looked fresh and stylish in her powder blue Catherine Walker getup (which is definitely her daughter’s favorite color…)  While many of the headpieces of the day looked quite incommodious, Carole’s is a sleek and modern version of the classic hat, created by Jane Corbett.  Princess Catherine’s mother has received flak for once working as a flight attendant for British Airways, but after building her own multi-million party business (and marrying her eldest daughter to some royal – I don’t know if you’ve heard about it…), I bet she’s the only one laughing now!